Bekeley Graduation Party June 1992

This was a party at a friend of Josh the drummer's house, and the "Theme From Shaft II" video, below, showcases what a talented drummer he was (and probably still is). Sadly, his style was not always a good fit with the band's punk and rockabilly sides, so there was an amicable split soon after this party. I am very glad this document, lo fi though it may be, survives. This was the first time I ever sang (if you can call it that) in public. I was nervous and happy. Tracklist: (1) Hobson's Choice; (2) House Onna Hill; (3) Tom's Song; (4) I Cut It Off!; (5) Congressman; (6) One And A Half; (7) Ambidextrous Reader Song; (8) Heaven (Talking Heads cover); (9) Lady Preacher; (10) Seeing Other Women; (11) Theme From Shaft II; and (12) Job Interview (With the Devil).

Download Live 1992 Berkeley Graduation Party

Theme From Shaft II