Live At The Brave New World (San Francisco)

Band's last performance in June of 1993. Opening band brought along a sound engineer, so the gig was taped for the bargain price of $45. If you download just one Slept On It! thing, this should be it.  Tracklist:  (1) Job Inteview (With The Devil); (2) Congressman; (3) RAD; (4) 6-Man Carry; (5) I Cut It Off!; (6) One And A Half; (7) Tom's Song; (8) Lady Preacher; (9) House Onna Hill; (10) Ambidextrous Reader Song; (11) Treat; and (12) Arm.

Download Live At The Brave New World SF June 1993

Job Inteview (With The Devil)



6-Man Carry

I Cut It Off!

One And A Half

Tom's Song

Lady Preacher

House Onna Hill

Ambidextrous Reader Song