Live At Merchant's

This March 28, 1993 gig was our second show at Merchant's in Oakland, California. My favorite place to play. Audience cassette recording quality. Tracklist: (1) Job Interview (With the Devil); (2) The Rally; (3) The Arm; (4) Congressman; (5) Race To Yer Death; (6) Ambidextrous Reader Song; (7) I Cut It Off!; (8) House Onna Hill; (9) Good; (10) Moped Morning; (11) Lady Preacher; (12) Quietude; (13) 6-Man Carry; (14) Seeing Other Women; (15) RAD; (16) Tom's Song; (17) One And A Half; (18) Treat; and (19) Media Luvs The Media.

Download Merchant's March 1993 Audience Cassette

Race To Yer Death

March 1993 Unfinished Instrumental Demos

On March 23, 1993 Eric did a couple new guitar demos for the band to work on. We never finished the songs and I think that Eric took them off to later band(s) at later times. Not downloadable, but I threw them up as Youtubes.

One We Were Working On When The Band Broke Up

Another One